Month: November 2012

Two Interns on the Loose

If you didn’t know, we’ve currently got two active coaching interns: Pasha (Austin) and Amanda. These two have been assisting in On Ramp classes and will soon be working as assistant coaches in some regular classes – look for them! They’ve both got a lot of expertise and experience and are sure to be great…

Welcome Coach Lance

We are very pleased to announce the addition of Lance Velasquez to our coaching staff. Lance was here a few weeks ago when he guest-taught a class, and was given a big thumbs up by members and staff. Learn more about him below, and be sure to introduce yourselves when you see him this week….


Feels kind of weird to be tooting my own horn here on the blog, or even writing in first person at all, but I have something I’m proud to share: this weekend I qualified for the American Open – a national level competition- in Weightlifting. This wasn’t by chance, which is why I want to…