5 Steps to Get Back to Working Out After a Break

Been away on vacations or work travel? Sometimes life gets in the way of our training regimen and we end up with an extended period where we’re not getting exercise.

It can be intimidating to return to training after a break. You’re afraid you won’t be able to do it, won’t finish the workout, you’ll be way too sore afterwards. So then procrastination sets in: you tell yourself you need to get back to it, but keep putting it off until another day. If this is you, read on.

5 Steps to Get Back to Working Out After a Break

strength group#1. Get your butt in here.

Block the workout time in your calendar and prioritize it. 3 times a week is sufficient and sustainable. You need to make your training a priority that can’t get bumped by less-important things. And hopefully, you have a community of people (like we do at SRSC) that will be happy to see you when you return!

#2. Plan extra time for your warm up.

Please arrive 10 minutes before class, get a general running or rowing warm up in, then start doing some dynamic stretching and mobility work. If you’re not sure what exactly to do, just ask us. A really, really thorough warm up is essential to anyone returning to training after a break.

#3. Focus on strength training, not cardiorespiratory work.

If you previously attended Strength classes, make that your first class upon returning. If you’re coming to Foundations or Fitness, focus on the strength training portion of the class. We may modify the rep scheme or the movements to get your body and brain back into the swing of things. This is not the time to go for any PRs; focus on form. The strength sets will feel good, and will fire up your neuromuscular communication so that by the end, you’ll feel ready to go into the WOD or do some kind of energy system work.


windmill#4. Take it easy.

As I already said, this isn’t the time for try for a strength PR or to up your numbers. Do the best you can, but stay focused on treating your body right, not on your numbers or score. Once you’re in the swing of things and have attended several classes over a few weeks, you’ll get back to your former performance levels.

#5. Commit to post-workout recovery.

Stretch and cool down with the class, and then spend extra time on the areas you know will be or are tight. The foam roller, bands, and lacrosse balls are your friends! And as usual, drink plenty of water before and after working out, and avoid inflammatory foods – sugars, grains, alcohol, trans-fats and vegetable oils, maybe dairy or nightshades or any foods you know you’re sensitive to.

Mob work

Ok? Give us a call if you need support. We’ll see you soon!