Receiving massage mitigates stress because it reduces the body’s production of cortisol and calms the nervous system.

This goes hand-in-hand with massage’s ability to reduce insomnia and improve sleep quality.

Massage strengthens the immune system because it raises white blood cell count and flushes the lymphatic system. This movement of the lymph also inspires radiant hair and skin. Massage increases joint flexibility, circulation, and tissue regeneration. It can even help expectant mothers have shorter and easier labor when they receive prenatal massage regularly.

More than Relaxation

While the stress relief and medical benefits of massage are nice, it also has specific applications for athletes.

*Massage can increase muscle tone, flexibility, and endurance.
* It can improve recovery time because it moves lactic acid and toxins out of the muscles.
* It can help prevent inflammation because it reduces the production of the inflammatory cytokine proteins.
*It has been proven very helpful at reducing or eliminating DOMS (delayed-onset muscle soreness), allowing one to exercise again sooner with less pain.
*Massage helps prevent athletic injuries because it relaxes chronically tight muscles, making them less susceptible to pulls and tears.
*It increases range of motion, which both increases performance and helps prevent injuries.
*Massage reduces fatigue, both muscle-specific and system wide.

We recommend 2-4 massages per month to inspire the best, most sustainable performance – but any number is better than none. While any type of massage can be helpful, you may prefer to work with someone who specializes in sports massage or has experience with athletes to treat fitness-related injuries and increase performance. Sports massage focuses specifically on the muscle-tendon junctions, overworked muscles, injury-prevention, and exercise-related techniques.

Whether you do it to relieve stress and tension, treat a disease, pamper your body, or increase your athletic performance, getting a massage might be a better idea than you think.