Carolyn: Why I’m a Paleo/Primal Eater

I was encouraged to try Paleo/Primal eating just by being around people in the gym who are doing it.  I began 3 months ago.  The Paleo/Primal approach makes sense to me. I understand the diet as eating in a way that is consistent with what humans have consumed for almost all of our history; vegetables, meat, some fruit, some seeds. I have not dropped dairy out of my diet because it is so easy for me as a person on the go and I like it. Also, I tolerate it well (I think).

I had no specific goals when I let go of grain and most sugars, but was open to see what would result, which was losing 10 pounds with no effort. This was after doing crossfit 3x/week for the past year and a half without weight loss, but huge gains in strength and energy. I had shifted some weight from fat to muscle, but it was the dietary shift two months ago that resulted in weight loss.

It is nice to do pull-ups while lifting 10 less pounds.  Perhaps soon I will be able to try a weighted pull-up! I do look different because my muscle development shows more, and that’s OK by me.  I like looking/being powerful. I probably will take the next step of letting go of dairy when I gear up for a bit more cooking than I do now.

At 51, I have witnessed every health/eating philosophy that has gone by in the past 30 years. I have tried some of them.  In retrospect, I wish I had not tried some of them because I may have harmed myself.  This one is backed by very good science, and has the advantage of not being a ‘philosophy’.  I am not rigid about it.  If I was at an event with a really great cake, I’d probably have a piece.  But letting go of grain is an easy way to do away with most of what is problematic in the western diet as long as the rest of what you eat is clean.