CFSR at the NORCAL Sectionals

First of all, a very special thanks to Si and Dri for letting us use the RV that weekend. The RV was the 6th man, and a welcome sight for everyone after a long day.

Special thanks to Emily, Dri, and Lily for cheering on those of us who competed. Having the three of you there with us made the weekend that much more enjoyable and your cheers were fuel for the fire, thankyou sincerely.

The weekend had many highlights…

-Clean and Jerk PR’s for Jo, Leah and Adrian.

-The four of us saw day 2 of competition, with our women very close to going to regionals.

-Beers on the RV.

-Beers in the hotel.

-Beers at the restaurant.

-Great homemade food.

-Watching Friends and Family from other boxes competing.

-Thick accents

-First time competition

-Blackberrys and iphones

-4 on 1 (thomas your driving)


-Menthol Rub

-Frayed Nerves

-Jumper Cables

-Speed Bumps

-John Mayer

-Happy Hour

-Pizza with spaghetti on it

-Ice Cream Sundaes


-Not Cool Judges

-Cool Judges


-Misinformation or complete lack of information.

-New friends

Some pics from the comp…