Get with the Program


As you may have noticed, the calendar on the new website gives you the ability to look ahead to see what the programming will be in two week periods. You may be interested to see the strength and interval progressions that are incorporated into the WODs. For each cycle, we work on a few different strength movements, skill work, and through different energy systems to progressively increase our strength and conditioning.

At the end of each of these cycles, we like to test our progress using 1RM lifts to measure strength gains, and named WODs to measure conditioning. At the end of this cycle, we will be conducting a test weekintended to do just that. We will max out our Back Squat, Cleans, a 2000m row, and we will do “Helen,” a classic CrossFit workout.

Outside of these tests, the programming may feel a bit easier than normal…don’t worry, this is the intention. We talk a lot in class about training vs. testing. Every lift and workout we do can’t be at 100%. That’s why you will see some slow tempo lifts at the beginning of a cycle, or maybe a 5×5 set instead of a 5RM. The goal on these days isn’t to hit our max lifts, but to accomplish more volume focusing on form and quality movement. During a test week we want to prioritize the tests so we maintain a low enough volume of work to make sure you’re feeling fresh and strong for the tests.

For those of you in the Performance classes, you have been following a larger conditioning schedule for the past few months, designed to get you ready for the CrossFit Open (a blog post dedicated to the Open to follow).  All that crushing interval work will finally pay off!

Moving forward, if you’re inclined to understand more about our program, look ahead at what we have planned for the coming cycles. If you have priorities in your training program, make sure you show up for the workouts that will help you accomplish your specific goals, and address any weaknesses you may have.  If you enjoy just showing up and being surprised by the WOD, that’s ok as well. Just know that we have a plan for you, and if you have any questions about why you’re doing what you’re doing, feel free to ask.