Farewell to Carla

1st Mud Run - Before

Saturday was Carla’s last day with us. She got a job that she couldn’t pass up in Little Rock, Arkansas. And in fact, when Carla first joined SRSC her goal was to look and feel good for job interviews, so she clearly met her goal! Here’s what she wrote to us:

I want to thank SRSC for helping me achieve my weight loss and health goals. While at SRSC I lost almost 30 lbs and went down 4 dress sizes. I love how I finally did a mud run because of the encouragement from the staff and fellow CrossFitters. I love how I went from being one of the women in awe of the other women to being the one getting compliments about my lifting abilities. Basically, SRSC helped me see what I can do and I am very grateful for all that the coaches taught me.Overall, the past 14 months have been an amazing time in my life. The SRSC staff and my fellow CrossFitters will always have a special place in my heart when I look back on my memories in Sonoma County. I wish you all the very best.

We wish you the best too, Carla!