Fast. Easy. Delicious.

I have a formula for the easiest meal ever to cook. Takes 10 minutes, it’s nutritious and healthy, and delicious:

A fatty bulk sausage
+ whatever vegetables you have on hand
+ a big pan
= this fast, easy, delicious and nutritious meal!

The Meat:

I like to get a fatty sausage because then I don’t have to add any fat to the pan; I just render the fat from the sausage and use that to cook the veggies. Lamb (like a merguez) or pork (like a chorizo) are your best bets. I like pre-seasoned sausage over bulk ground meat because then I don’t even need to add any seasoning – it’s just so simple and easy.

Even better is if you find something super flavorful made from local, pastured meat. Check your local farmer’s market!

The Vegetables:

Use whatever vegetables you like, that are cookable. I happened to have these on hand today: mushrooms (wish I had more), a little bunch of sprouting purple broccoli, and some small rainbow chard leaves.


1. Put the fatty sausage in a cold pan and turn the pan on to medium-low. This is how you will render the fat.

2. When the fat starts oozing out, break up the sausage so it covers the pan and the fat and the juices start to spread everywhere.

3. Turn the heat up a little and add your veggies. Here I put mushrooms first, to soak up all the flavorful juices, then the broccoli, which needed to get tender. Stir it all around.

4. Last I added the leafy green chard and mixed it in.

5. Throw the top on the pan for a minute or two, and voila.

6. Fried eggs make everything better to me, so I throw some on top plus a little chopped herb.

Nom nom, this is all for me. 🙂