Femme Fit 2013 Recap

SRSC at FFWhat a day for our ladies competing in this year’s Femme Fit! These were some hard workouts piled one on top of the other, but we all had a ton of fun.

We really couldn’t and wouldn’t have had such a great time if it weren’t for the awesome SRSC community piping up through facebook and texts, and then especially for the people that came out to cheer us on in person: Anna (who did everything needed including setting up camp, unpacking and packing cars, schlepping stuff, taking photos, posting to facebook), Troy, Pasha, Nate, Tanya, and Carlos. Thank you to you all for the support. We also want to thank the organizers of Femme Fit for putting on such a great, well-run event. We know they never could have predicted the attack of the bees…wait, what?

Here’s a recap of the day.


Event 1. Trail Run of Unknown Distance.

This turned out to be 3.5 miles of pretty much all hill, up and up and up very steep, and down, then up and up some more and down, and down steep, and up, and up, and….it went on for a while like that.

Early in the run, however, a girl stepped directly on a wasp nest in the ground which initiated what sounded like a blood bath due to the women screaming. There were shrieks and cries and flying “bees” as everyone was calling them. They clung to our backs and hair. It was a weird, nightmarish experience…and yet we all kept running! Katie was stung 16 times and had a minor allergic reaction, Lily got 5 stings, Leslie managed to only get 1, and somehow I (Joanna) escaped with none.

At the end of it all, Leslie came in 11th and Lily came in 15th in this event!

Joanna FF Total

Event 2. Olympic Total. We had 10 minutes to get a max weight Snatch and then Clean and Jerk. That’s not much time.

And yet Leslie PR’d her Snatch at 70 lbs, Katie PR’d her Snatch at 85 lbs., and Lily PR’d her Clean and Jerk at 147 lbs. Remember that this was soon after that tough trail run and wasp stings! Joanna took 4th place in this event with a 143 lb Snatch and 173 lb Clean and Jerk.

Katie thruster

Event 3. 2500 lbs of Thrusters twice, aka pure, bloody hell. If you ever find that your legs aren’t toasted enough from a hilly 3.5 mile race, then a max weight Snatch followed by a max weight Clean and Jerk, well then why not just do a million thrusters?

Ok, it wasn’t a million. But if felt like it. Each athlete chose, before beginning, a thruster weight to lift until she moved a total of 2500 lbs.  The number of reps needed to lift the 2500lbs with a thruster was the number of reps the athlete did of box jumps, and then, of thrusters again.  Thruster weight could not be changed once the workout began. It was the second round of thrusters that made this truly miserable.

Still, we all somehow managed to finish quite respectably. At that point in the day, it felt like the worst was behind us. And we were also getting a sense of just how hard it was going to be to try to walk on Sunday.

trail run 2

Event 4. 100m Dash. This was a great event to watch, and there were some really fast girls! This event was sanctioned by USA Track and Field, so there was an official take off gun, and a photo finish to determine the 1st and 2nd place winners of each heat. Those top two then moved on to the semi-finals heats, and the winners there moved on the final round.

At the last Femme Fit two years ago, Sarah Hopping won this event in just over 13 seconds. This year, five girls beat that time! Wow. Even with this tough competition, our own Katie placed 2nd in her heat and made it to the semi-finals!


Event 5. Sandbag Final. This had a 100 lb sandbag that we had to pick up a move a bunch of times then do a bunch of burpees over. It took a long time to get this events started, and we were all pretty eager to get it over with but had to wait quite a while through several heats to finally do it. It was kind of like a punishment workout. Oh, you’ve been having fun today? Just wait, we’ve got one more event to knock the fun and endorphins right out of you!

The overall standings are as follows: Leslie Hirshfield 61st place, Katie Enfield Ferchland 51st place, Joanna Sapir 30th place, and Lily Manspeaker 21st place!

I could not be more proud of Leslie, Katie, and Lily. These women put effort and time into their training, nutrition, and recovery, had the guts to sign up for a contest, and best of all, brought their courage, ability, and drive to the playing field. It’s easy to give up when you’re out there, and none of them did. They brought everything they had to every event, which shows in the high scores on events they hoped to score high in, and PRs in the events (like the total) they most feared. Congratulations to Leslie, Katie, and Lily, and to all the women that competed at Femme Fit 2013.