Get Your Primal On!

It’s spring time, which means that summer is right around the corner. And summer is bathing suit season. Let’s do some spring cleaning, and spring leaning. Are you ready?

We’ve come up with a 6 week challenge designed to support each of you in developing healthier habits for a higher quality of life. The bonus is that increased health has the side-effect of a better looking body!

What better way to get your body ready for your new beach gear then with a big group of people and some friendly competition?

We invite everyone to join us & GET YOUR PRIMAL ON!

The components of this 6 week challenge are:

  • Nutrition
  • Mobility work
  • Sleep
  • Rest and recovery
  • Supplemental nutrition
  • That daily habit you’ve been trying to commit to

cavemanThe ‘Get Your Primal On’ Challenge has a $50 buy-in. There will be prizes. There will be competition. And there will be fun!

You will create healthy new habits, feel amazing along the way, and be part of a group of people all working toward common goals and achieving success together. There is a saying that two people are stronger than one at implementing change, because if either one falls down, one can help the other up. The way this challenge is set up makes it perfect for all members, both new and old, and the more the merrier!

Prizes will be awarded for both individual and team efforts.  We’ll have a kick-off event that includes a workout for everyone to participate in. There will also be a Whole30 approved Paleo Potluck midway through the challenge to bring everyone together to share their favorite new recipe and hopefully get to know each other as our community has grown.

Save the date for the kickoff event: April 20th from 12-2 pm. The event includes a workout and “before” assessments (photos and body composition numbers). The Finale is June 1st.

Are you in? Register here, and Get Your Primal On!