Get Yourself “Stacked” and “Organized”

Over the last two weekends during the Running Skills workshop, Suzy had us do this exercise where we pushed down on each other’s shoulders to gauge whether we were holding ourselves in proper alignment while standing. Suzy talked about a straight line from the shoulders to the hips to the knees to the ankles. If a person wasn’t in proper alignment when pushed down, s/he crumpled under the pressure. If properly aligned, there was no give.

Carl Paoli calls it “The Position”. Kelly Starrett refers to it as being “organized”. And in the video below, Lauri Galassi talks about being “stacked”. Different coaches use different language for it, but they’re all referring to the same thing: the proper body position you need to focus on if you want better athletic performance and/or a healthier body in your everyday life and into your future. We all want those things, right?

We’ve been practicing this position regularly in the box with various exercises: our virtuous push ups, strict pull ups, and dumbbell overhead holds, to name a few. Practice, practice, practice this position. Standing in line at the store? Get yourself stacked and organized into the position. Warming up with some burpees? Get yourself stacked and organized into the position.

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First, from Lauri Galassi. This is a preview of Part I of a series of videos from a workshop she taught on handstands. In the last minute she uses a wood doll to demonstrate exactly what Suzy did with us in the running workshop where we pushed down on each other. Check it out:

Next is a preview of one piece in a series with both Kelly Starrett and Carl Paoli, Superstars. For real. The series is about “The Position,” aka Midline Stability, and its transfer to everything from the push up to double unders to…well, every human movement.