“I love the supportive, well-trained, and friendly coaches, who engage me about my goals and guide me to reaching them.” – Rob I

We use functional movements, not machines.

We train using functional movements, the way your body was meant to move as a human. We lift, push, pull, press, run, carry, squat, jump, and climb. These are full-body, compound movements that require the use of core stabilizers and therefore build core strength the way crunches and weight machines never will.

We teach.

We’re not rep counters, and we’re not drill sergeants – we’re teachers. We teach you how to move your body as it was meant to move, we teach you how to eat for optimal health and performance, we teach you how to train so that you can meet your fitness and health goals, and we teach you how to get proper rest and recovery so that you maintain your health.

“I feel better physically, mentally, emotionally. I am MORE motivated to get things done. I am loving the new muscles that are popping through.” – Melissa C


We deliver results.

We really do. Just take a look at our Member Stories. We love the great people that make up our membership, and they are our best evidence of the excellent results of our programs. If you want to hear more, or see our success stories in person, contact us to come by and visit. Our members often want to share their successes and achievements with visitors, whether they’ve lost twenty pounds or have competed in an athletic competition. Schedule a visit now.

We don’t believe that one size fits all.

At CrossFit Santa Rosa, we serve people of all ages, shapes, sizes, athletic experiences, and goals, and we know that everyone’s needs differ.

We focus on performance.

You won’t see mirrors in our facility, but you will see records boards on our walls documenting the progress our members make towards their fitness goals.

These are the measurable results of good training and programming. If aesthetics is your goal, there’s no problem with that – just know that training for performance has the side effect of building a great physique.

We build community.

We know each other’s names. We cheer each other on. We hold each other accountable. One of the defining features of this place is how friendly and connected members are with each other, as well as how connected the coaches are to members. Again, we invite you to schedule a visit to come by to see it and feel it yourself.

We promote holistic health and lifestyle change.

Whether your goal is weight loss or improved performance in your sport: nutrition and diet, sleep and stress, and rest and recovery are all important factors in your success. We work with our members to get all of these pieces in place. Training more and training harder is often not the answer. Clean eating, ample sleep, reduced stress, mobility and bodywork, and intelligent exercise programming is.

We are a small, locally-owned business.

We’re not a franchise, and we’re definitely not a big box corporate-owned gym. We are a small business, independently and locally-owned, and a member of the Sonoma County Go Local business cooperative and the Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce.


We contribute to building a healthy local community not only through the fitness training we provide, but also through our choice to support other small, local businesses for as many of our needs as possible. When you choose us, you are helping to build and sustain a thriving local economy right here in our beautiful Sonoma County.

“I really like the supportive nature of the members, staff, and coaches. It’s a really great environment and everyone really supports each other.” – Jake M.