“It’s So Helpful!”

In searching for a picture for this post, I had a myriad of choices. Click on it so you can see it larger. I was looking for an example from the wider CrossFit world of an athlete, finishing up a workout last in his/her heat, getting encouragement from the crowd or fellow athletes. The examples of this abound. It’s really pretty amazing. All those girls hanging around in the picture above? They’re CrossFit’s top athletes, who have just finished the workout, still out of breath and recovering, supporting the last girl finishing up, clapping and calling out to her. There were times at this year’s CrossFit Games when the whole crowd, 3000 people in unison, counted out the last reps of the last set of the last place finisher of a heat.

This is one of those key pieces of CrossFit culture, this cheering on the person finishing up last. And when you’re that person, and you’re struggling through the end of a workout, wondering if you can finish, you know how powerful it is to have the support of the people around you, to hear your name being called out. You can do it, (your name here)! C’mon (you’re name here)! Applause! “It’s so helpful!” said one of our members to me recently, after she had been cheered on by another member.

Please, let’s not forget how important this support is. Whether you’re giving or receiving it, it’s part of what we do here. See someone about to squat or deadlift a heavy-ass bar? Yell out some encouragement! If you finish a workout and there are still people hammering away at it, please, cheer them on! Don’t put your stuff away. Don’t walk in front of their line of vision, or around them as if they’re not even there. Acknowledge their hard work, give them an extra push. It’s so helpful, as we all know.