July Member of the Month – Anthony Brown

1. Why did you decide to join SRSC?

I was looking for a way to exercise that would compliment the rock climbing I was doing at the time I started. After being encouraged by Brianna to check out SRSC, I tried it out and it seemed like a great fit. It’s now turned into one of the most consistent types of exercise I’ve stuck with and has helped me with one of the things I’ve always struggled with: putting on weight!

2. What has been your most memorable achievement since becoming a member?

Stepping on the scale and seeing myself weigh 200 lbs.

3. Favorite and least favorite exercises?

This is a tough one. I pretty much hate everything the first time I do it, but after a few weeks I end up enjoying it (after my body figures out the movements). If I had to pick though my favorites would probably be back squat and random group warm up exercises like tossing the medicine ball or doing ladder drills. My least favorites are anything I’m still bad at!

4. Current goal(s) in the gym or in life?

I’ve plateaued a bit on my weight, so I’d like to work through that and see it go up a bit more. It’s also been a while since I’ve made it rock climbing and I’d like to get back into doing that a few times a week.

5. What’s something that your gym mates would be surprised to know about you?

Not sure if this is a surprise or not, but I’m a super huge nerd, like the anime watching kind. Though it’s been years since I’ve really watched anime, I still keep up with a few Japanese comics and frequently read Chinese and Korean online fantasy novels that get translated by fans.