Larkfield Community Garden & Learning Center Volunteer Day

Please join Community Soil Foundation’s Volunteer Day for
Larkfield Community Garden & Learning Center

Saturday, April 25th
10:00 am to 3:00 pm
422 Larkfield Center #221, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Building a healthy Sonoma County through hands-on land-based education, access to fresh organic produce,
and habitat regeneration.

At the Community Soil Foundation we are redefining the community and school garden models by joining them together. With the help of some initial donations for our project, the Larkfield Community Garden & Learning Center, we have been able to start the installation of the garden in February 2015 but this is just the beginning! We have an amazing vision for this to be a year-round educational garden that will act as a community gathering place where new friends are made, old friends reconnect, family members congregate, and neighbors join together. During the week K-8 students will be taught math, science, language arts, and history in the garden. On the weekends the garden will be an educational center for all ages where we will teach four-season food production, ecology lessons, orchard maintenance, how to install backyard-sustainable systems (such as rainwater catchment, grey water, rain gardens, etc.), and how to do alternative gardening like gutter and pallet gardens. Youth and adults will also learn about health and wellness practices through nutrition education, yoga, and meditation in the garden.

In order to make this garden really grow into the learning center we envision, we need more support from the community. We need your help to be able to increase access to affordable and organic produce and to offer an array of classes in the garden for local residents of all ages.