Have a desk job? Even if you don’t, how many hours of your day do you spend sitting in your car or in front of a computer? Check out Mark Sisson’s 16 Tips for Desk Jockeys no matter what your line of work.

Many people first exploring the Paleo way of eating have a hard time understanding why legumes (beans) are excluded. Aren’t they good for us? The Whole9 presents the Legume Manifesto to explain how nitrogen-fixing legumes are super tools for soil health, but not so great for our bodies.

And I hope you’ve all noticed the new daily recipe link to your left from The Foodee Project. These folks find great Paleo recipes from various blogs and sites all over the web, and bring one to us each day, complete with picture! Check back every day to see a new, yummy meal idea.

Inspired by the CrossFit Open? Considering athletic competition? Here’s an interesting opportunity for fun, fitness, education, and competition. The Peninsula Peak to Bay, a “map trek adventure” is April 3oth down in the Palo Alto area. Its website says that participants will get to “explore the redwoods, foothills, Stanford University, and old Palo Alto. Choose a 5, 10, or 25 km course and find up to two dozen interesting checkpoints in parks and special places.” You can do it as an individual or team. Anyone interested?

Also coming up is the Good Times Summer Classic in the Sacramento area. Four CrossFit workouts on one day, May 7th. All ages and fitness levels welcome.

And to learn about even more CrossFit-oriented competitions, there is this website you can check which lists events going on across the country and world. I haven’t figured out the name of our region though. Let me know if you do.

Also, CrossFit HQ has set up a CrossFit Sports Series. Just check the right hand column of the main page for upcoming sporting events.

Lastly, Shane points us to an old post from the wise Lisbeth on double-unders. She says that if you struggle with the DUs, you need to ‘chillax,’ listen to your coach, and do what she/he says. WORD.