Member Story: Jacob Pereida

DSC_0145I am a student of life.  I learn from my actions and a my surroundings.  For as long as I can remember I’ve had this innate desire to be the best that I could be and teach others to do the same.

I came across the story of a 33 year old young man that had the same passions as mine, (or maybe mine were his who knows.) He had this idea that was foreign to every other icon that attempted to spread a message across the world.  His idea was that in order to spread the message of true hope and tranquility, the person you were to conquer was yourself and not your neighbor.

It was this idea that someone had the the opportunity to look in the mirror and say “I may not like who I am and what I see, but I have the power to change this reality.” A change that can only be coursed by action.

I’ve been a pastor and church consultant for 10 years now.  I’ve had the privilege of serving in various cities and learning from various cultures and communities.  Despite the variety, each city has shared in one common interest and that is each is saturated with individuals that are striving to be better.  Better in mind, body, heart and spirit. Through the gifts and skills that God has given me, I have been able to help them and inspire them to a certain extent.

DSC_0199Although, there has always been that one area that I have not been able to help or inspire people in and that is the area of health and body. This is problematic.  You see in my occupation, the integrity is that we teach what we practice.  We are not given the option to meddle in areas that we have not perfected.  Perhaps that’s why there are not many sermon series entitled “Be Splendid Without Splenda” or “He Who is Gluten Free is Free Indeed.”  The idea of being an example in the area of health has always been nonexistent because this is that one area that remained unconquered… until 6 months ago.

He stood at about 6 feet tall.  He looked at me one day and said, “I’ll make you a deal.  You teach me about spiritual matters and I’ll teach you about fitness.”  And with that I followed him into a warehouse that would serve as the catalyst that forever changed my life for the better.  It was more than just a warehouse, it was a portal into another world full of true community.  A mosaic of various backgrounds and stories.  This is where different walks of life gathered on the journey towards greatness.  Not a greatness in the form of elitist arrogance, rather an intertwined humility.

Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning is more than just a program to me, although it offers the best out there. It’s pure community.  For me that has been the fuel behind my change.  It’s that moment when the final three reps of your last set is overbearing and your knees are about to give in that you are carried by the cheers of your peers demanding that you finish and finish strong.  It is the eyes of your 5’4 fitness coach that watches across the black matted floor observing your form and watching the sweat fall from your brow and you know that she understands where you are because she has been there and is qualified to teach and inspire.  That’s the stuff changes lives.

It is at SRSC that I am being qualified to teach people in my daily job by example and for me, that is a huge deal.

My pants size has dropped by two sizes, I can see my feet now standing up.  I did a complete rope climb all way to the top that was awesome by the way, and if you weren’t there you missed it.


That 33 year young man that I mentioned earlier knew that he couldn’t wait for change to come to him, he needed to go after it.

SRSC has taught me that I can’t wait for the change and the validation to be a complete example of mind, body, heart and spirit to just magically land on my lap. I have to go after it with a barbell.  But I’m not going after it alone, I have a community walking with me.

My name is Jacob Pereida and this is my SRSC story.