We provide tools and guidance to help people live stronger, healthier, and larger lives. We want you to leave feeling better than when you did when you arrived!


Service. We offer our gifts as service to others to improve our local community and our world.

Personal Growth. We are always striving to be better as people and to improve ourselves in any and all capacities.

Challenge. We value the growth and learning that come from facing and overcoming whatever challenges life brings.

Professional Development. We value continuing education and learning so we can offer the best service possible.

Healthy Lifestyle. We value active, healthy lifestyles that include a connection to nature and to the sources of our food.


Founded in 2009, CrossFit Santa Rosa has helped hundreds of people in Sonoma County by providing exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching to give them the strength and stamina to get out and live life to the fullest. We are Santa Rosa’s leader in providing the most effective functional and athletic training for your strength training, injury rehab, or weight loss goals.

We teach proper movement and mechanics, quality nutrition principles, and recovery strategies to get you safe, sustainable, and progressive results, in a fun and family-like environment.

We are building a community of people in Sonoma County who are working to create healthier, happier, and larger lives for themselves. If you’d like to be part of it, we welcome you!