My Orange Folder

journal thickness

A handful of my fellow CrossFitters have complimented me on my record keeping skills.  My folder has only been in business for 6 months, but it is already 1/4” thick. I have tracked my WOD workouts and results since my first day and I enjoy flipping through the pages every now and again to see the gains that I have made. I’m just hoping that in the next 6 months, when I flip though, the weight on my bar has gone up at least 40 pounds for my Snatch (that lift just kills me)!

A few years ago, an employer assigned some mandatory reading for the office and although I cannot recall what the book was called or who it was written by, I do remember the lesson.  It was about “the gap” or the distance we have personally traveled over a time period (Point A being year 2010 and Point B being 2015) and the changes that we go through without really realizing it. The moral of the story was that to see your success, sometimes you just have to look back over the gap.

Getting back to my orange folder with bacon duct tape across the front. It is the tool I use to help me see over the gap.  Right now I have mainly been using it to track my increase in strength and speed, but really it can do so much more for me and YOU (hint, hint). 

Inside journal
Noting that I was unable to complete a workout due to pain will allow me to remember the exact date and specific move I was doing when the problem occurred.

-To remind us how a certain move or a certain weight felt.

-To see how many reps are done properly at a specific weight.

-To log any specific tips or training ideas received during a particular session that may be the game changer. 

-To log anything “off” on a particular day (for example: Didn’t mobilize my shoulder enough, made pressing 120lbs. challenging).

We all take time to stretch and mobilize because we know that it is beneficial to us.  Maybe I can motivate you to take an extra minute or two after class to log your strength and WOD stats. It might not mean much to you at first, but over time you may find that it becomes an invaluable tool.