October Member of the Month – Dan Voit

1. Why did you decide to join SRSC?

I joined SRSC after my first Spartan Race because I wanted to learn how to climb ropes and build up a better base of strength and conditioning. My goal was to get better at Spartan races in that first year.

2. What has been your most memorable achievement since becoming a member?

I’ve been coming pretty much every week to SRSC and there have been many memorable achievements since I started.  That moment when you first learn any new skill is pretty amazing – I think maybe my first handstand really stands out.  I had to work really hard for that one.

3. Favorite and least favorite exercises?

There are a lot of moments I enjoy; kettlebell work, rope climbs, row.  I definately don’t like single leg, single side work like suitcase deadlifts or skater squats even though they are really good for me.

4. Current goal(s) in the gym or in life?

I’m doing this to maintain balance.  I enjoy having a routine and its a bonus that theres incremental progress in strength, conditioning and mobility.

5. What’s something that your gym mates would be surprised to know about you?

At one point in the not too distant past, I was an overweight online video game addict…..life has been more enjoyable in the years after that period.