“Oh cool, you guys got a barbeque.” – Gaetan

It’s a Glute-Ham Developer, or GHD for short. The GHD is an incredibly effective core training tool. Some excercises that can be performed on a GHD are; GHD sit-ups, back extensions, hip extensions, hip-back extensions, russian twists, med-ball throw sit-ups, various isometric holds and so on and so forth.

The GHD is potent medicine and should be used sparingly when you are new to it. This guy has been known to leave people astonishingly sore for days and is also the number one cause of rhabdo in the CrossFit setting. Once you’ve been taught the use of the GHD, don’t be afraid to use it after your workout. If nothing else it will get you beach ready.

A few GHD movements…