Staff Roster

CrossFit Santa Rosa

For most of us a ‘Gym’ is a place to lose some weight, get fit and develop the base fitness to live a larger life.  When we join a globo-gym, we feel lost and unsupported.  But at Crossfit Santa Rosa:

  • Our community is different.
  • Our coaches are different. 
  • Your results will be different.  

We understand the challenge of getting up off the couch and into the gym because we have lived it ourselves.

Whether your goals are to lose some weight or just be a more active human, we can help!

“SRSC is helping to correct my overall health and fitness. When I first got there they assessed where I was at and plotted a course that would correct my weaknesses…These people are skilled at what they do and care about helping you get positive results.” – Jess Y.

Nikee Huntington

Head Coach and Super Mom

Nikee is the Head Coach/CrossFit Trainer at Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning. She originally joined the SRSC community as a client in 2014 and quickly found great athletic success. In 2015, she first began working for SRSC as the marketing assistant, then the administrative assistant. In April 2017, Nikee followed her passion to it’s core and became a new co-owner of SRSC.

Crossfit Level 1 , USA Weightlifting 1

Rob Izzo, Ph.D.

CrossFit Trainer and Eccentric Educator

Rob has been a member at SRSC since January 2016, immediately connecting with the CrossFit workouts. As a CrossFit Level 1 Instructor and USA Weightlifting Level 1 Coach, he enjoys repeatedly lifting heavy objects over his head. (He’s accustomed to having things go over his head with a doctorate in philosophy.)

Rob is a co-owner of SRSC and teaches classes designed to prepare members for CrossFit competitions, including the CrossFit Open. You should expect him to sign you up to compete in an upcoming competition!

Crossfit Level 1, USA Weightlifting Level 1, USA Weightlifting Level 2 (Advanced Weightlifting and Sports Performance Coach), Crossfit Running

PhD Education (GPSC-T7)

Dan Voit

Crossfit Trainer, Spartan SGX Coach and Rowing Enthusiast

Dan started as a member of the SRSC community in 2014 and found a renewed love for fitness after completing a Spartan Race. Dan is one of Northern California’s only certified Spartan SGX Coaches.

Dan has Spartan performance training down to a science and in the true Spartan spirit, enjoys helping others conquer their fears and feel confident going into any Spartan Race.

Dan is also responsible for organizing community events around trail running and Concept2 Rowing challenges!

Crossfit Level 1, Spartan SGX Coach, Crossfit Scaling, Crossfit Anatomy, Crossfit Running

BS, MS Food Science

Jon Christenson

Kettlebell Instructor, Mobile Fitness Fanatic and Muay Thai Fighter

Often called The Bearded Bell, Jon brings a unique focus for functional fitness.  Jon’s passion for kettlebells  and maces with a keen eye for form makes his classes a great addition for any Crossfitter.

Crossfit Kettbell, Crossfit Power Athletics

Eric Kroh

CrossFit Trainer

Eric started at SRSC as a client in the fall of 2016 and is now a trainer.

Having ran track throughout high school, he was looking for something to fuel his active and competitive spirit. Eric found CrossFit and SRSC and was immediately hooked. After encouragement and mentoring from Nikee, Eric earned his CF-L1, interned at SRSC and is now a trainer.

Rachel Langer


Rachel began at SRSC as an intern and is now a Strength Coach at SRSC. In college she joined a school crew team which sparked her interest in the exercise industry, which eventually led her to try more diverse exercise regimes such as running, yoga and CrossFit.

Rachel’s personal fitness goal, and her goal for all of her clients, is to train to be ready for any scenario life may throw, whether it be hiking up Half Dome, racing a Spartan race, or having the stamina to chase kids around in the park.

BS Kinesiology

Breanna Christenson

Massage Therapist

Breanna’s nature to help and support others fueled her pursuit in becoming a California Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist and to focus on educating clients about the soreness and pain they are experiencing.

Breanna graduated in May of 2013 with a certificate in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy.  Breanna also did an externship at Sonoma State University’s Sports Medicine, program which only fed her drive to gain more knowledge about the working human body and the effect massage had on collegiate athletes. Through Breanna’s 15-year athletic career, she has seen and experienced how injuries and stress from daily life can leave you sitting on the sidelines.

Her refreshing therapeutic massage is a great tool to prevent injuries by prolonging muscle flexibility, maintaining the immune system at an optimal state of balance, and increasing the speed of recovery by sustaining healthy tissues. Improvements to immune health and a noticeable increase in an overall sense of well-being are just a few results from massage therapy.