Recap: Femme Fit Summer Edition 2011

(For more pictures from the day, please see the CrossFit Santa Rosa Facebook page.)
Michelle's 185 lb Clean (a PR), which earned her a 4th place spot in Event 2.

One hundred female competitors and at least three times as many fans and spectators showed up at Alhambra High School in Martinez on Saturday for Femme Fit 2011: Summer Edition. In the competitor pool were CrossFit Santa Rosa members Carolyn and Michelle.

There were five events in the day. The first was a trail run through the dry and brush-filled hills surrounding the main site. The catch? Competitors did not know the length of the run, even while on the course. They were directed by guides as to the direction of the path, but did not know when it would end. It is estimated that the run was around 3 miles. Carolyn came in 2nd place in her age group in this event.

Carolyn was worried about the Deadlifts in Event 3, but it was the Box Jumps just after Deadlifting that was hard.

Event 2 had athletes establishing a maximum-weight Clean within a 5 minute time period. Michelle’s opening lift of 155 lbs was heavier than most of the women even finished with. By the end of the five minutes, she had successfully cleaned 185 lbs, a ten pound personal record! This put her in a tie with Jenny LeBaw who just finished 6th overall in the 2011 CrossFit Games.

With time left on the clock, Michelle attempted 195 lbs, but the bar got away from her and hit her knee on its way down. Although she iced her knee on and off over the next few hours, the swelling and discomfort caused concern over how she’d be able to handle the rest of the competition. Despite the hurt knee, Michelle powered through Event 3, the deadlift/box jump/Kettlebell workout, in just 6:05.

Athletes take off running up into the hills surrounding the event site. They did not know what the total distance of the run would be; it ended up being about 3 miles.

The last two events of the day were a 100 meter dash (sanctioned by USA Track and Field and monitored with fancy-schmancy stuff: a gun start, a clock with hundredths of a second recording, and a photo finish) followed by a run/sandbag carry/burpee combo. The 100m race was an exciting crowd pleaser, with the top two women in each heat going head to head for a second round. The sandbag carry workout came an hour later, which on the one hand provided the athletes needed rest, but on the other just gave time for the adrenaline levels to drop and fatigue to set in. Still, Carolyn held her own in both of these events, coming second in her age group on the sprint and first in the burpee/sandbag workout.

I don’t think I could be more proud of these two amazing women. Congratulations Carolyn and Michelle! I am so proud of you for choosing to enter this competition, and for giving it your best. Competing can be scary and nerve-racking, but I know that you are better athletes now because of the experience this weekend. Mad props to you both.

When you see these two strong ladies at the box, give a big high five to each of them. They really deserve it.