September Member of the Month – Brad Chun

Congratulations to our September Member of the Month, Brad!

Brad is always eager to learn something new, pushes himself 110%, and is a fantastic student (that’s why we refer to him as B-Rad – he’s super RAD!!)

Why did you decide to join SRSC?
Before joining SRSC I had never been part of a gym before. I had always done my exercising outdoors: either biking or hiking. As life got busier I had less and less time to be outdoors and soon found that I was in the worst shape of my life. The morning classes at SRSC have added some much needed balance to my life as well as gotten me on the track to better fitness. After my first class I knew that I would be hooked. From day 1 the encouragement and support from everyone has been awesome!
What has been your most memorable achievement since becoming a member?
Doing my first strict pull-up…and I remember hearing Ryan from across the gym: ” Hey, you did a real pull-up!”
Favorite and least favorite exercises?
I enjoy the metabolic workouts. I like anything involving kettlebells and single side exercises. Not a fan of the rower or toes to bar…I’m sure I’ll learn to enjoy those later. 
What’s something that your gym mates would be surprised to know about you?
I have a music performance degree and I like country music.
Current goal(s) in the gym or in life?
In the gym I would like to be able to do 20 pull ups and finish a spartan race…I don’t know why 20 but it seems like a good number. In life I want to do my best everyday to maintain balance so that I can be present and be an encouragement to everyone that I come in contact with.