Snatch Clinic this Saturday 10 am

Carolyn snatching at the Friendly City Open in February.

Please note that our regular Saturday CrossFit class will be canceled for this event:

Intimidated by the Snatch? Haven’t been able to increase your 1RM? Like doing this movement and want to get better? Love it or hate it, every single member of CFSR will benefit from this class. Yes, that includes you.

Saturday’s 2 hour clinic focuses on the Snatch, including warm ups, drills, and technique work and is taught by Coach Jasha Faye. Jasha is a USA Weightlifting Senior Level Coach and has been involved in Olympic-style Weightlifting since his early teens. He was Junior National Champion 1992-3, American Champion 1992-3, is a Collegiate Record Holder with a 160k Snatch and 190k C&J, holds Junior National Records as well, and was a Resident Athlete at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO from 1991-1995.

Register here or just show up. Cost is $50.