We are pleased to announce that Mr. Nathan Royster is now a coaching intern at SRSC. He will be assistant coaching in a variety of classes and he knows his stuff. You know him too, right? You can find him chatting, helping, or working out at SRSC frequently.


Nate received his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science from Utah State University, where he played four years of football for the Division I Aggies. After graduating from college, he was a self-proclaimed ‘meathead’ doing biceps curls and calf raises at a mainstream gym, while steadily gaining weight and losing fitness. He started looking for something to provide the same satisfaction that playing football had, and he found CrossFit. When he completed a 30 day ‘Paleo Challenge’ and dropped twenty five pounds, he realized that he was just beginning a new path in life.

“I worked as a Nursing Assistant at a Veteran’s Hospital, where I was helping people that were really sick – internally and externally. I saw the extreme negative end of the health spectrum, and I decided that I wanted to work with people to prevent them from going down that path,” says Nate. “I am so excited to be here and be part of SRSC. This is what I want to do with my life. It’s my dream job.”

With Nate’s background in Exercise Science, his experience as a high level athlete, his totally sincere and friendly demeanor, his commitment to learning and increasing his knowledge, and his drive for constant improvement in himself and others, we are excited to have him join our coaching staff as an intern. Welcome Nate!