Tara Firma Farms Meat and Produce Box

Those of you who have been members here at CFSR know that we promote a nutrient-dense diet abundant with local food: just check our nutrition page. This includes local, pasture-raised meats and local, fruits and vegetables. Eating local means eating fresher, with a noticeable difference in taste and a higher nutrient and vitamin content. It also means eating in-season, keeping money in our community, and lessening pollution.

To this effect, we are creating a relationship with Tara Firma Farms, just over the hill in Petaluma. Tara Firma is unique in that it offers offers both seasonal produce and pastured meats in their CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported, or Community Shared Agriculture. It literally means getting a share of what is produced on a local farm. This usually looks like farm boxes, packed fresh, with the best of what’s in season, delivered weekly.

Tara Firma will bring produce and meat directly to us every week, but in order to become a drop location, we need at least 15 sign-ups. If we get 20 sign-ups in 1 month, Tara Firma has agreed to throw us a BBQ with $300 worth of meat. After a Saturday WOD? Heck yeah! Look for a sign-up on the whiteboard.

Check out Tara Firma’s CSA options online (veggie boxes are available in two sizes, and meat boxes range from the Value Meat Share @$30 to the Grande Meat Share @$100) with four options in-between.

Please look for the sign up at the gym if you’d like to start getting one of these weekly boxes of fresh, organic vegetables and a variety of pastured meats. To promote this offer and answer any questions you might have, Tara Firma will be here at the gym on Monday evening between 6 and 7pm. Come to class at 5:30 or 6:30 to get more information from straight from the farmer.

Some benefits you’ll get as a Tara Firma CSA member?

  • The best tasting and healthiest food available for the Paleo Diet
  • Free Farm Tours every Saturday and Sunday at 10, 12 & 2
  • Access to the farm, 300 acres with trails, event tent, stocked bass pond and all the baby animals, Great for kids!
  • Approx. 10% Extra Value Add to box orders
  • Invitations and discounts to Farm Events- Barn Dances, Bull Sessions in the Barn, Pumpkins on Pikes, other guest speakers

Again, they will be here between 6 and 7pm on Monday, July 9th, and if we get 20 sign-ups, they’ll throw us a BBQ at the box. Check the whiteboard for sign up. Questions? Comments? Please add below.