The 2013 CrossFit Games Open Wants You


Remember the feeling of accomplishing something great when you were a child?  Did you ever win a race?  What was the feeling of your first somersault or kartwheel?  Did you ever score a goal in a team sport?  Did the coach tell you something kind you still remember?  Did you have a favorite uniform or dance leotard?  If you ever played a sport or active activity, you’ll probably pull out fond and challenging memories from your memory box.  As an adult, the challenge and excitement of pushing your body to a new level are just as important.

While SRSC aims to challenge your physical capacity in a safe way, there is nothing quite like the motivation and self-learning that comes with the CrossFit Games Open.  The Open is just like it states – open for all.  If you’ve ever watched the CrossFit Games, this is a chance for you to push yourself to your limits right alongside your favorite athletes such as Pat Barber or Jenny Lebaw.  In the Open, you are not only a spectator; you are a CrossFit athlete sharing the physical demand, emotional push and mental strength it takes to participate together with over thousands of others around the world (approximately 70,000 people competed in 2012).

While this growing competition seeks to find the “Fittest on Earth,” it is made in a way that is inclusive for all of us on Earth.  You’ll find that some athletes are professional athletes that train with expert coaches, and others compete in their garage at home and submit video scores.  CrossFit has even created an additional Masters Division – in addition to the traditional four age categories: 45-49, 50-54, 55-59 and 60-plus, they’ve also added a category for men and women ages 40-44.  No matter what age, the Open is honestly an unforgettable experience.  Remember all levels are accepted, scaled and RX weights are posted.  No matter what weights you choose, there’s no scaling the courage it took for you to participate in the Open.  So sign up, sign your spouse up, sign your kids up, heck – sign grandma up!  You’re never too old to push yourself to be even greater.  And this could even be one of those “kartwheel” memories you will not forget.

This year we are encouraging all athletes to participate and join Team SRSC! Your first step is to register for the 2013 Open with You will need to select your affiliate (“CrossFit Santa Rosa”) AND your team (“CrossFit Santa Rosa”). Your next step is to inform us that you’ve registered for our team by emailing

Some Important things to keep in mind for the Open:

Have fun.  The Open can get serious and competitive if you make it serious and competitive.  Challenge yourself to smile and laugh more – it might make your experience that much more fun.

Be safe.  In any Open, competitiveness emerges.  Step back and listen to what your body is telling you.  While the Open can encourage you to push yourself, it’s also important to be realistic and safe with weights.  Remember you are a superhero just by participating in the Open.  Don’t kill yourself.

Share your thoughts.  Being a part of the Open with thousands of people is invigorating and connecting.  If you’re unmotivated or extremely motivated, talking with others can create camaraderie and strengthen relationships in and out of the gym.  Also, by communicating your victory of being in the Open, you may be the person that helps get someone off the couch and into the box.

If you’re still unsure whether you want to join, talk to any of your fellow athletes or coaches.  We encourage everyone to join the 2013 CrossFit Games Open.

To learn more, check out the 2013 CrossFit Games Welcome Page.