Strength training is exercise that uses resistance to strengthen and condition the musculoskeletal system, improving muscle tone and endurance. Strength training is a general term used synonymously with weightlifting and resistance training. Physiologically, the benefits of consistent strength training include an increase in muscle size and tone, increased muscular strength, and increases in tendon, bone, and ligament strength. Lifting weights has also been known to improve psychological health as well by increasing self-esteem and self-worth. Here a list of the many benefits of strength training:

  • Increased energy, more endurance, power and strength that can be turned into usable energy
  • Improved digestion. Your body is built for and meant to be active in all ways
  • Improved intellectual capacity and productivity. Physical exercise provides the break your brain needs from constant intellectual thinking
  • Better sleep. Exercise enables a better sleep pattern to develop
  • Control of depression. You are being active in a productive manner which sends our endorphins creating a happy state of mind
  • Weight loss. Muscle burns more calories than fat because of the higher rate of metabolism within the muscle tissues
  • Decreased stress. You are doing something for yourself that makes you feel good about yourself
  • Increased self-confidence, self-image, self-perception and outward self-projection
  • Body fat percentage decreases
  • Lean tissue percentage increases
  • Blood pressure readings decrease
  • Heart rate decreases
  • Range of motion and flexibility increases

You don’t need to spend hours a day lifting weights to benefit from strength training. Better yet, results are quick. Expect to enjoy noticeable improvements in your strength and stamina in just a few weeks. If you keep it up, you will continue to increase your strength even if you are not in shape to begin with.