The Olden Days

Happy Anniversary to Carolyn, Eric, Josh, Tom and Kathy, TC, and Adriana, who have been training with us for one year!

CrossFit Sebastopol at West County Play Station officially opened its door for business on March 31st, 2009. Carolyn was training behind the closed roll up door before we were even open. In April, Josh and Eric, who both had prior CrossFit experience, showed up and joined on the spot when they saw our fliers at a couple local coffee shops. TC heard about us through the Santa Rosa Fire Department and jumped on board. Tom and Kathy had a CrossFitting son in New York who pushed them to join, which they did after coming to a free workout day. And Adriana, who knew me through our kids’ friendship, decided to give it a try…and loved it.

Congratulations to you all for a whole year of CrossFitting! You’re the OGs of our growing community at CrossFit Santa Rosa. Thank you for your dedication to your health, fitness, and us!

From the photo vault:

Carolyn doing some wall ball, before we had even built the pull ups bars! She showed up in sheepskin boots on her first day, because she was worried she'd be too cold. At the end of the WOD we had a good laugh about that.
If I remember correctly, Eric's first class was a snatch skill session, followed by some rowing. He was the only one there, which wasn't unusual that first month.
TC was hardcore, even from the beginning.
Josh working the hops. Another one of those one-man classes.
Kathy's come such a long way since the ring-assisted squats. Remember those Kathy?
Tom's very first day of CrossFit.
Talk about body transformations. Check out Dri in her first month. She has found her inner badass since then, and it definitely shows.