This Saturday: Meet “Fran”

Mark your calendars:

Saturday, December 22nd  (Our last day open before closing for the Christmas holiday, Dec 24-26)

10 am (The usual Saturday class time)

A workout. It’s called “Fran”.

You, of course. We’ll have scaled and Rx’d heats. Rx’d heats will be judged.

What else:

Drinks and food afterwards at Toad in the Hole for anyone that wants to go.

We’ve been kicking around the idea of doing some Saturday or Sunday once-a-month-or-so classic CrossFit named workouts, aka, the “Girls.” You know – Annie, Jackie, Nicole…

Or maybe you don’t know them, if you’re kinda new around here. Next time you’re at the gym, take a look at those big records boards with lots of squares drawn on them, over by the medicine balls. The top board has a bunch of names that represent some specific CrossFit workouts. “Elizabeth,” for example is 21-15-9 (the rep scheme) Cleans and Ring Dips (the movements). To do the workout as prescribed, men must do the cleans at 135 bs, and women at 95 lbs. The top five times in the gym for men and women get listed in the “Elizabeth” square on that board. To get on the board, the workout must be performed “as Rx’d,” meaning that there is no scaling, and the workout was done exactly as it’s written, all reps, all weights,  and – this is important – following all generally-agreed upon movement standards.

Ok, so there’s your lesson of the day on CrossFit lingo, if you needed that. Moving on. It should be no surprise to anyone familiar with the named wods that we’re going to kick off our monthly (or so) named workout with Fran (evil grin). Fran is probably the most famous girl-named-wod in the CrossFit world. We will have scaled heats and Rx’d heats. Rx’d heats will be judged. This is open to everyone at the gym and we hope you’ll come! It’s our last workout day before closing for the Christmas holidays.

Fran is:
Thrusters (95/65)
Pull Ups

We’re going to put a sign-up on the Announcements board just so we can get a sense of numbers for planning. Get your name up there if you think you’re coming. We hope you do!