Video of Matt competing last weekend

Congratulations to Matt, who competed in his first weightlifting meet last weekend. Matt did a great job, going 5 for 6 (that means that he made 5 out of all 6 attempts) and totaling 180 kilos. I’ll explain a little more: athletes at a weightlifting competition get three attempts to make the heaviest snatch s/he can, then three attempts at the Clean and Jerk. The weight of each athlete’s heaviest successful Snatch plus the heaviest successful Clean and Jerk is that athlete’s “total,” which is the final score.

Matt made all three of his Snatch attempts at 74, 77, and finally 80 kilos, meeting his gym PR and making it an official meet PR. For his Clean and Jerks, he opened with 95, then made 100k (his gym PR), going for a new PR of 102 on his third lift, which he cleaned but wasn’t able to jerk. Great work overall, Matt!

Here’s some video.