We welcome 2013 with a new website, a new logo, and new classes!

Out with the old...
Out with the old…

Welcome to our new website. Wander around, check out the new pages and features, and let us know what you think. And have you noticed the new logo? We’re giving a nod to the classic iron gyms with the circle theme, and we’ve gone from CFSR to SRSC. SRSC has built its own reputation for intelligent and effective programming and excellent coaching and we wanted a brand that reflects that. Yes, we are still a CrossFit affiliate, and we are proud to be part of the larger CrossFit community.

So, here are some highlights from the new site to check out:

Upcoming Events
Take a look at the Upcoming Events section in the right sidebar. Listings now include an action button so you can register or read more about a given event. Notice that we’re offering a CPR and First Aid certification this month, open to all members and the public. This is a great opportunity that we encourage you to take advantage of so you can be of service to your community if needed. There’s also a link to read the most current information about the upcoming CrossFit Open.

Check this section regularly for events and offerings.

Class Schedule Page
Members should be pleased to see that the Class Schedule is larger and clearer now, and includes a Zen Planner login box where you can access your membership account, contact and financial info, and attendance data.

Workout of the Day
The Workout of the Day is still in the top right sidebar, but it’s formatted as a calendar. You can run your cursor over the date to see the day’s workout, or you can click on “View Calendar” for a larger view. From there, you can even choose to view the ‘Week’ or ‘Month’ option and look ahead at the workouts if you wish.

We’re also adding new classes this month:

Mondays and Wednesdays at 5 pm starting January 21st  January 7th
Kettlebell work increases aerobic conditioning, muscular stamina, flexibility, and grip strength; promotes balanced musculature; and transfers to increased power and explosiveness for multi-modal training. In these classes we begin with the basic strength and swing pattern drills before teaching more complex power-oriented movement patterns. Movements taught and used in the class include: Deadlift, Swing (two-hand and single-hand), Get-up, Clean, Front squat, Goblet squat, Snatch, American swing, and Overhead walk.

Yoga for Athletes
Thursdays at Noon and Saturdays at 11:30 am, starting January 7th
This class provides athletes the opportunity to shift perspective, both mentally and physically. This deep restorative class focuses on proper alignment, longer holds and deep opening – for the hips, hamstrings, low back, neck and shoulders. It also include vinyasa, or flow, linking each pose to the breath. This is a great class to balance the high intensity of CrossFit workouts, as well as provide tools for increased mobility and function. Bring a yoga mat and blocks if you have them.

Mobility and Mechanics
Added Tuesdays 9 am in addition to Fridays 9 am, starting January 7th
The objective of this class is to identify and address any factors limiting efficient biomechanics. These half-hour long sessions focus on a movement (such as the squat) or part of the body (such as the hips). We use various tools – like bands, balls, and rollers – and many different exercises, to mobilize joints and improve muscle flexibility for increased range of motion.

10:45 am On Ramp re-added/10:30 am Performance on Mondays canceled
We’ve reintroduced the MWF 10:45 am On Ramp slot to accommodate growing interest in the gym. Performance-level classes will now be held at 8 am and 6 pm only on Mondays.


So get to meandering around the site. We welcome your questions or comments below. Happy New Year!