What We Do

Custom Program Strength and Conditioning

Custom Program Strength and Conditioning, or “CP” is the best of both personal and group training: you get a customized strength and conditioning program designed just for you, and you train with a small group and enjoy the benefits of community and camaraderie.

Personal Training

Personal Training gives you the highest level of service. You get a customized exercise program based on your needs and goals and you get one-on-one coaching and accountability.


We believe that you get stronger through recovery – which isn’t only rest days and light physical activity. You wouldn’t drive your car for 6 months without having some maintenance performed would you? So why neglect your biggest asset – your body?  We want our athletes to perform at their highest potential, move freely and without pain.

Bodywork is the perfect compliment to our Custom Program because we can incorporate specific stretches and exercises our bodyworkers prescribe after your session.

Nutrition Education and Coaching

Wondering what you should eat to meet your body composition or athletic performance goals? Schedule a free consultation with us to find out how we can help you. And be sure to download our free health and fitness article pack, which contains some great diet and nutrition information that you can put to use right now.