SGX at Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning is Spartan’s official training program and the leader in obstacle race fitness. SGX is designed for every fitness level and any age, a scientifically-supported solution to get anyone physically and mentally prepared for a Spartan Race, or to live more vitally. SGX is grounded in functional bodyweight exercise to improve athleticism, endurance and strength; the workouts are progressive, varying in exercise volume, intensity and specificity over time.  

The benefits of our program include:

  • Custom phased programs, adapted to your needs, goals and level
  • Obstacle specific coaching by experienced coaches
  • Group trail running events
  • Details race plan including nutrition guidelines for your event

SGX is also about empowerment. Coaches are trained to help people improve their nutritional and lifestyle habits and self-efficacy, all critical to success in the race and in daily life.

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