Yoga Returns to SRSC!

We are happy to announce that Hali Lenox of Hali’s Yoga Mat is back to offer Yoga at SRSC, starting Saturday, January 17th.

[box size=”medium” border=”full”]Hali will be offering two different Yoga classes, alternating each Saturday at 12 noon:

will focus on Vinyasa, matching breath to movement, and getting down into those hips and hamstrings! Renew is a slower and lower intensity class designed to allow you to relax. If child’s pose is ‘your thing’ this might be the class for you.[/box]

“Regular yoga practice will increase your mobility and strength. I could tell you that when you leave your yoga mat you will feel invigorated and sleep like a baby. I could tell you that yoga will help relieve all your post-workout soreness. I could also tell you that yoga will increase your balance and re-enforce all of the proper body mechanics that are taught by our SRSC coaches – but I won’t. I’ll tell you this: you don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga. The modifications I offer are designed to allow you to constantly find your edge and work into the full pose.” – Hali


Adding yoga to your training can help you:

Calm the Nervous System

This is one of the greatest benefits of yoga for all of you folks that come in to SRSC and go heavy and hard on a regular basis. High intensity training taxes your nervous system, which can lead to burnout. Yoga practice uses breath and breathing patterns to change our mental state away from ‘fight or flight’ mode, calming the nervous system, and decreasing blood pressure. Attend yoga class to learn control of your breathing so you can use it as a tool for relaxation, health, and balance.

Improve Posture

Yoga helps repattern your posture by teaching you proper alignment and stacking your body in its strongest position. In fact, yoga “tadasana” is in harmony with the “stacked and organized” posture taught at SRSC. In Yoga, proper alignment is reinforced in every pose.

Increase Balance

Improve balance on your feet, balance on your hands, and balance between the right and left sides of your body. Injuries and poor posture create imbalances in the body which lead to more injury, especially when load and intensity are added to the picture. Yoga brings awareness to these imbalances and gives you the mental and physical tools to create balance in your joints and tendons from right to left, on your feet and hands.

Increase Flexibility

Don’t worry, flexibility is not about bending yourself into a pretzel. Flexibility for athletes like us means the ability to reach every position needed for proper and efficient form in a given movement. In yoga, flexibility is achieved in the extra inch you discover in a pose, learning to relax through breathing.

Image 1About the Instructor: Hali Lenox completed her yoga certification at California Power Yoga.  She is passionate about sharing yoga with athletes to improve their performance.  Hali is a mother of three, as well as a CrossFitter and Strength athlete at SRSC.

These Yoga classes will be open to the public. Monthly or 3 month commitments will get you a sweet discount on the regular rate. SRSC members will receive the ‘Friends that Sweat Together’ rate. If you sign up for a 3 month commitment you’ll receive a t-shirt and probably some good vibes from all those hugs. You can contact Hali directly for questions: or 707-696-0640.